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Come Gliding with Gliding Adventure Flights

Gliding Gift Vouchers Just north of Brisbane Gliding Adventure Flights take off from Caboolture Airfield. You will enjoy the exhilarating feeling of gliding in a 'State of the Art' self launching glider. Become a glider pilot for the day. You will be gliding with a senior gliding instructor who will demonstrate to you how to fly these sophisticated gliders. It is then your turn to take the controls and enjoy the rewarding experience of flying like a bird.

Come gliding over the spectacular scenery of the Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland, Moreton Bay, Bribie, Moreton Islands with spectacular views to Brisbane. Check out our slide show below and YouTube. Click here to view our range of Glider Flights


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Commonly referred to by the public as joy flights, our flights are conducted as Air Experience Flights
operated in accordance with Gliding Federation of Australia requirements by Pacific Soaring.

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